Countries, capitals & flags

New exciting educational game for all ages!

Do you want to learn capitals and flags of all countries? Professor Globus will help you! This game will help you to learn capitals & flags of almost all countries in a world!

Rules are pretty simple:
— select one of region (Europe, Asia, South America, North America, Africa or Oceania)
— select on of the task types (guess capital by country name, guess country by capital, guess country’s flag or guess flag by country name)
— give as much correct answers as you can for a given time! (Every mistake will cost you some seconds)

After each game you can check your statistics (answer accuracy, fastest answer, etc) and share you result with others!

This game is a sequel to «Math Trainer: Professor Digit». Globus is a twin brother of a Digit, but instead of maths he likes to travel and to visit exotic countries!


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